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Poetry by Maya


Moonstones, sunspots, milestones,
Hopping from stone to stone.
As we peel away the layers of time,
Miles along the path,
The long journey into matter
And back out again.
Rock hopping is quite interesting lately.
They come quickly and always another stone
Waits after each landing,
Calling us,
You can make it,
keep on coming,
Pay attention to the moon's reflection of sunlight,
On the stones.
Find happiness in each leg of the trail,
Feel the wind in your hair as you travel,
At lightning speed through,
Moonstones, sunspots, and milestones.
Silence is Golden

I used to sing about the golden moments of my life.
Now Silence is golden
I sing no more

Musical Fairy Prince

Musical Fairy Prince
Riding on the stardust through the forest of sound
He makes the tones that stir the cells upon the planet Earth
They begin to dance in the charged energy
Sparks fly, spirits soar, healing begins
Long after he has passed through,
The waves of inaudible music continue to rock and cradle
Reminding of the natural state and showing the way Home


I ask the stars and the moon
"How do I show my love?"
The answer comes in the soft caress of the wind
I ask the wind to say it clear...and I hear...
"It is in the mystery"
I am life longing to love
I settle into the unknown world of form
I follow my heart as it guides me to expression

Mystic Mystery

Who am I in this mystic mystery,
Secret of the seers, secret of the songs.
Underneath, this world of time and space,
There’s a place, a secret with no face.

Sinking in
Falling through the layers of who I
Think I am
I land in the wisdom of who
I really am, I really am.

I can’t say it, I can’t think it
I lose all questions, I lose my mind.
It’s not even surrender, it knows no gender
No age or culture, nothing to find.

Come with me, let’s live the blessing of
This mystery, secret of the seers, nothing to find
It’s our way, mystic mystery, secret of the faceless One
It’s been here all along.

I'll meet you there

I'll meet you there
Deep inside where the tickle resides
Way outside where the energy edges entwine
I'll meet you there
With a thought, a word, a deed
I will proclaim my reverence and admiration
For who you are, what you stand for,
How you want be in this world, who you aspire to be.
I bow to your essence, I sing in your name,
I smile in my heart and hold you safely
I'll meet you there
In the places we long to go,
In the healing, in the pain,
In the laughter, in the joy
I'll meet you there!

We Sang

We sang unto the evening moon
We sang unto the hearts of all
We sang until the people floated away
To go and love the world
We sang from our heart and soul
As would a kind and gentle friend

Liquid Gold

When he speaks I see a flow of liquid gold
I feel all tension leave my body
Like the leaf in a stream, it floats away
His sound heals me, comforts me,
Sings me to sleep, wakes me to who I really am
Liquid golden voice that speaks gently with power and truth
Leaving behind a river of Love


Calling All Tribes

Calling all tribes; pagans, sisters of the night, gangmen, farmers, politicians, rice culture, meat culture, macho, matriarchal, boat people, mothers of dead children, new parents, old parents, elders, rappers....crones.

Calling all tribes, calling...calling...calling. Singing, heart-strings strumming soft and loud, silent in the night, waking to know it’s time to unite.

Tribal nights; gathering in the den, gathering in the glen, fairy ring, barstool, TV, video, stereo, jungle, cave, mansion, hut, RV by the sea, drumming, humming, sweating, sitting burning sage, releasing rage..rage...rage.

Tribal nights, pagan rites; crystals, flowers, smelling, breathing, eyes open, eyes closed, no eyes, four eyes, third eye, I Am.

Calling all tribes, calling all tribes, calling...calling...calling, all tribes, all tribes. Time...time to look into eyes, time to realize our sense of separation. Time to feed the hungry. Time to hug our friends, share the pain, kiss our children, see they were once our mother.

Time to unite, oh tribes, oh tribes. Time is on our side, it’s under our skin, it’s in our skin. Skin so soft, so brittle it can crack and break and stretch and shake a baby into the world of many tribes and too much time wasted on ignorance of ourselves, our cells longing for space to expand and embrace each other until our skin melts and time was just a blink of an I.

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