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About Us

~*~ Music to Celebrate Spirit ~*~

We are Spirit Singers ~ full of heart. We love healing music and create CDs and videos for the body and soul in the spirit of healing and inspiration.

We feel the blessing in being able to create music to warm the heart and connect us with our deeper truth. We enjoy people connecting together through music.

Sharing the divine knowledge and techniques, is a perfect compliment to our special love for healing music.

Check out our Schedule page for updated happenings: fire pujas and ancient knowledge.

YOU TUBE- See two music videos of our music:
Om Mama Blessing Mantra & Kali Ma

Read our interview in the book "Love Live Forgive: Insights from Artists

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Our CD's are magical vehicles for transforming everyday life and offer a variety of musical moods.  We use various instruments and styles to add layers of texture and color that richly enhance each song. Enter the magical musical realm of loving appreciation for life.

Free MP3 song downloads
"Om Nama Shivaya" from At Baba's Feet,
"Om Mama " blessing mantra
"Jai Sita Ram Reprise" from Spirit of Love

Don't miss the clips from our Mantra Meets Melody CD.

~*~ Our Adventures in India ~*~

Our Stateside home is Grass Valley, CA. Our spiritual home is in India, at the Shiva Sai Mandir Ashram in Penukonda.
Check out photos of our India Adventures.
To learn more about our India adventures or musings along our journey, visit Maya's blog -
Sweet Mystery Tour

Enjoy our video page!!!

"Chanting strengthens our ability to remember that deeper Reality. We get a chance to immerse ourselves in the stream of devotion. We can gather ourselves and jump into that river...rushing to the Ocean of Love." -- Krishna Das

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~*~ Recent Quotes ~*~
from people coming for events or Sai Shakti sessions:

“Monday night was wonderful. My experience was of feeling loved and embraced.  It was candid, focused, respectful, caring, soft, safe, gentle, spontaneous, structured, constructive, provoking and brought out sister and brotherly love. Thank you.  You are two Gentle Giants."    JG Watsonville, CA

“I felt more peaceful inside after the healing than I have in a very long time” JB Sunnyvale, CA 

“You do a great job of small group facilitation!  You keep us on track, keep it moving, allow for sufficient discussion and questions, explain well, and stay on time.  I particularly like how you teach from the perspective of a "regular" person.  Hearing from that perspective makes this whole thing seem more doable.”      JB Sunnyvale, CA

“Shaktipat, with the Kala Chakra Yantra  at your place was very good - slept very well and had very good insights.  Speaking from personal experience, it occurs to me that your skill in distilling Kala Chakra & Sri  Chakra info for immediate jump start healing is and can be of great benefit to people."    SD Santa Clara, CA




~*~ Healing the Soul ~*~
~ Ancient Knowledge for Our Times ~

As students of a wise and loving saint, Sri Kaleshwar, our appreciation is shown through sharing Truth, Love, and dedication to lifting souls. This appreciation extends to the entire Divine Lineage of Sri Kaleshwar, and includes his "Big Bosses" Shirdi Baba, Jesus Christ; and Mother Divine. We studied a year in southern India at Sri Kaleshwar's Soul University, and returned many times after that. Before Sri Kaleshwar took samadhi in 2012, he gave his blessings to share the Ancient Knowledge in our own culture.

Swami Kaleshwar said, "Once we’re on this planet the real purpose of life is to know the truth of why we’re here. Try to recognize the truth that’s permanent. Nobody can change it. Before you’re going to drop your body, try to see the reality. Do whatever you want and at the same time think what is the purpose that you came here. What is the life message you want to give the planet, this globe? Each soul has to be a great scientist, a soul scientist. You discovered something then you have to give your own style of message."


We are based in Grass Valley, California. Our main focus these days is on sharing the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar for self-healing and self-realization. The more we understand and re-align ourselves with who we truly are, the more we can help others. We share this path with those researching the soul, becoming healers, helpers, and change-agents.

"Just meditating, getting the visions, being in a trance, that’s not enlightenment. It’s like a rock. You have to make a sculpture of what you really want on the rock. How you are really skillful at sculpting is important." Sri Kaleshwar

"Grinding means the ability to work with people, to communicate with people. And also it means how much hard work you can do to serve the world. How much you’re willing to do the work." Sri Kaleshwar

Our schedule is on our Schedule page.

Swami Kaleshwar's teachings are based on understanding the information from the ancient palm leaf manuscripts and using the 5 elements of nature as the foundation to real healing, prosperity, and success in life. We share the ancient knowledge and healing techniques and processes involving mantra and yantra.The learning happens in an intimate class setting, usually at our home temple. This energy can also be experienced in a fire puja, a group meditation or satsang, a good Vaastu environment, a service project, a kirtan, or a Sai Shakti healing session.

Sai Shakti Healing: Enjoy a "Coach the Spark" session to aquaint you with Maya's spirit coaching. Maya is a Spirit Coach, she helps people to bring their deepest spark strongly into their life. Then through teamwork with the deep divine, self healing to clear heart ache, disappointment, and disturbance and bring balance where the natural flow of brillilant true spirit can be fully present.

The Sai Shakti healing sessions use ancient knowledge and techniques from the Indian palm leafs as taught to us by Sri Kaleshwar. Maya offers the 9 Holy Womb Purifications to clear the creativity chakra so people, both men and women, can create the life they deeply desire. She gives a Baby Blessing for Pregnant Mothers and a Family Blessing.

Special private Fire pujas are available during the new moon for business success or particular healing needs.

Both Sage and Maya do “distance healing” where the application of yantra and mantra to specific healing needs happens. This is a daily practice for both of them. Don't hesitate to reach out when you are in need of some divine grace.

~*~ Recent Quotes ~*~
from people coming for events or Sai Shakti sessions:

"Thank you for a great homa last night!!!" JB San Jose, CA

“Thank you for another wonderful study group. I am really enjoying and finding a great deal of benefit from the get- togethers.” SL Palo Alto, CA

“Thank you so much for opening your home and heart to have a place for all of us to participate in such beautiful teachings and open discussions.  I truly enjoyed myself.  I am so blessed that spirit moved me to attend last night.”  GJ San Jose, CA 



"It’s not easy to understand the clarity to connect to the Divinity. Same time, once if you surrender, once if you open your heart to the Divinity, the Divinity is waiting for you to receive it. We really can create great amazing success. We can do a lot of amazing wonders on the planet. It’s a kind of new science. The science of the soul.". SK

"I belong to the religion of truth and love.” Sri Kaleshwar

Baba's Big Family ~ There are many teachers,events, home temples, process groups, centers, churches/temples springing up in the United States and all over the world. To find out more, visit Sri Kaleshwar's website and Divine Lineage Healing Center in Laytonville, CA. Our Favorites page is also a great place to find some of our Sai Family members and see some of the centers and talents out there.


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